Just when it felt as though life could not get better…..2015 arrived.

Once again it is a powerful, adventurous, dynamic and nerve-wracking year from a professional and personal perspective.

Mary-Joe entrusts the business to me for 3 months while she is travelling through Indonesia. It always feels as though I am looking after her child – this is her creation and I am honored by the trust she has in me

The Neuroscience and Coach Training is challenging and fascinating – once again I am traversing beautiful landscapes;

18 September 2015 – Two days before
My best friend calls it “Going to get my nobel prize”. And that's how I am feeling. I am reclining in luxury in my business class seat on Emirates airlines feeling like I climbed right in to the mythical pot of gold.  I could get used to this! I drink the glass of champagne on offer and feel pleasantly light headed – although I’m sure that the dopamine flying around my brain right now is contributing. I am terrified, excited, honored and grateful. I feel as though I am living a life that I made up in a dream!

The mattress is a lumpy 2 inches of privation. Two cotton sheets and two pillows serve as my bedding (pink I’m pleased to say). I think the Ashram is luxurious by most standards. There is a shower (of sorts) and a toilet. It is clean and 2 fans blow the warm air around.  I am told, after being spotted furiously scratching my 9 mosquito bites that Hyderabad and much of India is currently experiencing a Dengue fever outbreak. Maybe blowing the air about will help.


I am acutely aware that this is a complex topic that arouses strong emotions and opinions depending on your age, perspective and experience. I myself confess to having insisted that my poor 7-year-old daughter learns the Dewey Decimal System at our local library not too many years ago.  If you don’t know what the Dewey Decimal System is, you are a ‘Digital Native’ (you may not even know what a library is – it contains books!). If you do know, you are a ‘Digital Immigrant’ (or a caveman).

29 May 2015
I love looking out of the small plane window and seeing the SA flag reflecting the shadows and the dawn on the tip of the wing. I am excited to be embarking on my new adventure – I half-jokingly say it has cost me an arm; a kidney and I may possibly have to sell one of the children. Just landing in London – albeit in transit- is thrilling. I wonder if my soul knows where it belongs. There is a yearning for my feet to touch English soil – although I confess to feel the same way about the States.

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