Did you know that a flea can jump 72 times its own height! That is remarkable! Obviously if you put a flea in a jar it will jump out again and again. But, if you put a lid on the jar, the flea will jump and jump, hitting the top of the closed jar hundreds of times. Until it learns it is no longer capable of jumping that high. You can take the lid off the jar and the flea will continue to jump as high as it thinks it possibly can, but never again will it jump high enough to jump out of the jar!

What are the confining limits you have placed on your achievements and how long have you been trapped in your jar? It is time that you rediscover how to “jump out” again.

Neuroscience and The New Paradigm of Learning

I invite you to meet your mind in a way that you have never before thought conceivable. In a sentence:ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Elderly relatives tend to shake their heads mournfully when a discussion arises about what I do for a living. They are wont to say: “I don’t know why you do what you do, Colleen. A leopard never changes its spots.”

On the contrary – I have seen remarkable transformation in people – young and old...


The PreFrontal Cortex, or PFC is a small part of our cerebral cortex that is limited and takes an enormous amount of energy to activate and sustain. It is also the only part of our brain that is conscious and has conscience; that is logical, rational and  judicious – it makes sense that we drive from this seat, rather than the emotional parking lot where most of our instinctive responses hang out.


Building on Goal setting, visualization and creating the mental zone in Sports Coaching, I have embraced the following information which resonates with me both as a performance coach and an athlete:

Walt Disney once said that he never wanted to repeat a past success! Disney’s passion was to continuously dream up and create new things that he had never done before.

Comfort Zone = Uncomfortable Zone ☺

Most of us are alarmingly familiar with the comfort zone – this is the place we live without giving thought to

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