The seductively deceptive theatre that is called Facebook will show that I have lived a life full of joy, adventure, love and happy-family-moments in my 50 years circling the sun – Facebook is my virtual witness.

On the darker stage of my planetary drama, I have encountered many of the other, more somber characters - Bereavement; divorce; suicide, psychiatric illness; financial ruin; betrayal; physical disability, loneliness; brain damage; sexual diversity, failure, physical trauma, addiction.
More importantly, as a survivor, neuroscience expert, trauma counselor and coach, I feel I have the t-shirt, badge and even, perhaps the movie rights to talk about tragedy.


I have been asked many times to share my Mindfulness intervention with a cyclist that was presented for my Postgraduate Diploma in Neuroleadership through Middlesex University. Here it is:

Download it Here




Men’s brains ARE bigger than women’s. I am sure that if men could hold their brains in their hands, they would immediately start comparing brain sizes. They have more brain cells than women do – in fact in the 19th century; science firmly believed that men had greater mental capacity than women do. Fast-forward to the 21st century. While the scarcity of women in the c-suite (currently sitting at about 16 percent) seems to indicate that men are smarter and better suited to leadership; quite the opposite could be true. Men and women differ profoundly in the neural configuration, structure and function of their cerebral organ. They differ in the way they process stress and conflict, solve problems, process language and store emotions.

A most peculiar place, Ilha De Mozambique. As we stroll down the higgledy-piggledy streets, our faces red and pouring sweat; the salt chafing our thighs; we remark how curious this broken, charming little island is. Real estate, that would demand billion dollar prices a few thousand kilometers north, regards an azure ocean – wrapped around poverty.

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