A no-holds barred approach to coaching distinguishes the Brainwise approach. Individuals are challenged to look inward, understand the fears and conditioned assumptions that are sabotaging their success; and then embrace what is possible with curiosity, courage, discipline and presence.
Not for the faint-hearted, you will be challenged to ‘Take back your power’ and shine a light onto possibilities never imagined. The coaching is honest, tough and hard-hitting, yet is experienced in an extraordinarily safe space of non-judgement and a belief in you. Clients experience the coaching as a life-transforming gift, enabling peace-of-mind, powerful trust in self, visible outcomes and conscious living.
This through a focus on: Mindful Presence; Awareness of the Ego-Identity; Personal Enlightenment and Actualization; Becoming a Conscious-being; Moving away from Judgement and Criticism; Discovering your Truth; Learning Emotional Regulation; Authenticity; Emotional Intelligence; Courage Building; Becoming Change Agile; Realistic Optimism; Finding Meaning/Purpose/Flow.

Areas of Focus

In addition to a strong focus on Self-Awareness and Actualisation, this Coach has also got extensive academic and experiential background in the following areas:

Couple Coaching
Team Coaching
Group Coaching
Sports Coaching
Parent coaching
Trauma and Grief Coaching
Addiction Coaching
Relationship Coaching


“I’m not a typical coach”.  First words from Colleen as I started a short but intensive coaching engagement and all I can say is she was 100% correct in saying so. Colleen’s ability to help you kick the hornet’s nest and then equip you to deal with what comes out has been life changing, her no holds barred approach has fundamentally helped to shift me back to my True North and this has been life changing.  Easy – no!  Worth it  - hell yes!

I looked for a coach for some time, and when I came across you, I stopped looking. The space that we co-created exceeded any and all of my expectations.

Colleen was able to professionally and yet personably facilitate an extraordinarily powerful coaching process during our time together - certainly some of the most important work of my life. Using a remarkable approach clearly shaped by her nature, gifts, background, academic qualifications, passion, intuition and extensive experience, Colleen is a warrior, a powerhouse and a quintessential coach who helped me to explore, navigate and expand myself in a way I never have before. She met me exactly where I was at, which takes great courage and clarity of mind - I have not experienced that before or since. I am immeasurably grateful and beyond delighted at how the process unravelled and the level of awareness, empowerment and determination that developed for me along with the tools I have integrated into my daily life, stepping up as a proactive instigator of my own transformation. I wholeheartedly recommend Colleen for anyone ready to face and fascinate themselves, shift high impact mindsets, open up new spaces of possibility and to embrace the parts of themselves needed and get out of limiting beliefs to step into their potential in all spheres of life.

I went to Colleen for coaching during a time of my life when I needed focus and direction. Through the coaching sessions I learnt how to embrace a situation (positive or negative); to experience the emotion around that situation; to manage it using my own adapted personal toolkit (provided to me in the sessions) and to finally work through and visualize the way forward. Thank you Colleen for guiding me so expertly through this process - I feel much stronger and so much more empowered.

Colleen helped me believe that I can do anything I set my mind to.

I think belief is the most important weapon against despair and hopelessness. I suffered from severe claustrophobia and she helped me understand my fears and my thought processes and how to overcome them. She threw the light on my potential and in my ability to fulfil it .

She gave me hope and confidence in myself and that's the best life transforming gift.

You accompanied me in a roller-coaster journey over about 3 years in which, through various techniques, you encouraged me to look inward more, encouraged me to be kinder to myself, and guided me to set clear goals and work backwards to today to map the path on how to get there (without repeatedly standing on those rakes that hit me in the face!). I revisit these lessons from time to time and try to use them daily to make my life better for me and those closest to me!

I just wanted to thank you again for the journey that we completed together.   Words cannot adequately describe how much you helped me help myself.   

I took the leap with you - not knowing where I would be going, only knowing in my heart that you would grad my hand.   You did just that and took me through a journey that taught me how to love myself and be understanding of myself.   

Your understanding of psychology and neuroscience, combined with you expert coaching skills helped me to see my patterns that don't serve me, understand them and turn away from them.   I'm now building muscle memory around new positive thoughts and my self-esteem is up significantly.   I had low self-esteem my whole life and felt capable of only admiring it until I met you.  You gave me the platform to change my life. 

You have a calming influence and create a safe space to share things I usually wouldn’t – I think that helps uncover the real underlying “issues” and creates a solid platform for action to change things. Your ability to simplify situations is first rate and that helps you to offer practical steps about how to go forward positively. 

I think you also have an analyst’s brain, you think of things from so many angles so quickly and you articulate your thoughts so well. You are humble and genuine, those qualities resonate with me so much.

I have worked and continue to work with Colleen as a Coach. I have also attended various sessions she has presented at GIBS and at PwC. She excels in all of these fields and has a vast skill set. I have worked with a few coaches over the years and Colleen is in a completely different league. Her psychology skills and many qualifications make her coaching relevant, practical and very focused. She has a unique ability to assess a situation quickly and determine the correct coaching path from the outset. She is a challenging and direct coach and enables you to be realistic about whatever path you are taking. She is extremely personable and empathetic but balances this very well with a no nonsense approach. This inherent ability is a hallmark of an outstanding coach and trainer and I highly recommend Colleen in whatever capacity you work with her.

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