‘The way of the mindful warrior’, is an approach for engaging with mindfulness in a personal, professional and spiritual leadership context.

The pace of life, the rate of knowledge acquisition and the broad range of opportunities for cerebral, social, hedonistic, technological, materialistic and pharmaceutical engagement in the 21st century have resulted in the failure to cultivate a conscious, present-centred and intentional approach to life for many people. This has resulted in disharmony, heart disease, cancer, depression, anxiety, conflict and chronic discontent, as well as other cognitive, social, psychological and interpersonal ailments Research indicates a 45 per cent increase in stress levels over the last 30 years. Hassad states, “if trends continue, mental health issues, particularly anxiety and depression, are predicted to be the single major burden of disease within the next two decades”.

To counter this depressing prediction, Eckhart Tolle refers to an enlightened consciousness, which has been a central tenet of spiritual wisdom and is spreading in practices of personal development across the globe. He emphasises one’s true nature, which is one’s “innermost invisible and indestructible essence”. Although every human carries a “blueprint for dysfunction”, this can be transcended through a “transformed state of human consciousness” that is, by becoming mindful.




Thank you giving us the magic wand known as Mindfulness. At first when you exposed us to the concept as well as made us practice it, I was not sure of how it could possibly benefit me. As I shared with you that day, I get very irritable while in traffic in India and feel utterly helpless. However, the last couple of days while driving and at quite a few other times, I find my mind involuntarily trying to stay in the present and your words of try to feel the steering wheel or the feet or hands doing an action comes to me...and the result is beautiful. I automatically find myself more relaxed and the best part is people around me have acknowledged that I seem a lot more present and pleasant...with some going to the extent of commenting that I was "Buddha-like" I cannot thank you enough for the 3 days, but I just wanted to let you know that you have a made a difference in my life.

Keep spreading the light!

Colleen was enthusiastic, motivated, supremely competent and able to convey complex and critical aspects with ease and in a manner suitable for all candidates' understanding and current skill level.  Colleen made understanding easy and learning fun and very enjoyable.
Stanley S

This is what I learnt:

Presence and awareness of the "now"

Acceptance of and mindful observance of my emotions and way of being

Real life, not a narrative


Clarification of my purpose, truth, and power

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