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Hi, Colleen. You miss NYC and NYC misses you! I want to share an observation with you. I think you do an amazing job of sharing your expertise without taking refuge in the guise of the expert. You don't use your knowledge and status to protect yourself, which is to say that you remain present and vulnerable and even fragile, along with powerful and brilliant. I learned a lot,  but your example came across most powerfully.

It is extremely rare that I meet people who are able to within a few hours have a profound impact on my life. Meeting you yesterday was such a moment for me. I listened to you talk about how neuroscience and neuroplasticity was life changing for you. I looked at how passionate you are about the work you do and how engaging you were with everyone. You remained calm, in control and your energy never seemed to drop throughout the day. Normally I struggle to stay focused and engaged and yet I found myself highly focused and engaged listening to your every word and trying desperately not to forget anything.

I can't thank you enough for all the learning I have had! You are aN amazing human being and making such a massive difference to the human kind by the deeds you are doing.

As I sit down to write to you my eyes are moist from the insights you gave me.
Colleen - Hats off to you as truly I have not come across anyone with as much subject knowledge and passion as you have. You bring so much energy into the room and so smoothly engage everyone which I have never seen before. The diversity of exposure and knowledge you brought to all of us were completely out of the world.
Viiveck Verma

 I have learned and am still learning because of your masterful ways in teaching, caring, nurturing and stewarding me and the rest of my colleagues. I have always been awestruck at the way you demonstrate and impart your total and comprehensive grasp of The Knowledge of Neuroscience and its implications. The energy you bring is infectious-to say the least
Ramon Taples – Phillipines

Generally, I observed, that Colleen held an exceptionally productive training environment that encouraged true learning. As a trainer Colleen was professional and confident. Comfortable with her own skillful training-style and creativity, Colleen delivered a training-program that is much deeper than teaching a skill. Colleen never missed an opportunity to remind us to ‘go deeper’ and get to the ‘depth of the matter’.   Thank you Colleen for providing me with a highly maturing and stretching experience, which created for me a shift in many specific areas.

I thought she showed immense leadership, expertise and understanding. She is particularly inspiring and insightful. i absolutely loved her expertise.
Mike F

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