This course = Brain based learning; Latest Research and Evidence.
Learn the way the brain likes to learn. Left and right brain functioning. The limited academic brain CURRENT Research is proving that when students understand the “why” of the methods taught; there is a much greater buy-in to the skills and confidence in their use.
Students are excited by the limitless potential of their brains.
This forms the basis of all the skills taught. Effective selection of key words promotes focus and understanding and reduce boredom. Key words reduce study time by as much as 80% and increase recall by up to the same amount – particularly when using memory hooks.
If properly taught and used, mind mapping has been proven to be THE MOST EFFECTIVE tool for long-term memory storage and retrieval as well as understanding.  Tony Buzan licensed instructors.
Also - Mind mapping on computers.

Make learning fun, fast and exciting. ( Get 100% recall immediately). Over 10 specific techniques are taught in this module. We call these the “Magic Tricks” of memory.
Anyone of any age and any level can learn this useful skill easily.  The average reader reads at 100 to 300 words per minute. This short module lifts this to between 300 and 600 words per minute. Further practice will increase this to higher levels. Interestingly, comprehension increases as reading speed does.
Brain gym; toolkit; learning styles and more.
Learning as a holistic experience- physical, mental, and emotional.
Learning styles tested and explained. Each student is provided with a thorough understanding of their own UNIQUE Learning Style, as well as tools and techniques to optimize it.

Understanding and managing the emotional brain.
Stress and anxiety techniques.

Structuring timelines and timetables; Taking breaks; Planning and procrastination management. Planning resources are provided.
Self-discipline. Goal setting; Strengths finder; Confidence; Self Awareness
One on one telephonic coaching session as follow up.

The courses are run in a fun, energetic and motivational way. The students are inspired and enjoy the process.
I am privileged to have had over 1000 students create significant shifts in their academic marks, motivation and self-esteem through these courses. Parents are encouraged to join the courses and usually report that they find the program life-changing for themselves.


This course covers all aspects from speed reading to learning “tricks”. It’s the best I’ve ever attended
Malaika 1st year Psychology.

I would like you to know that Geoffrey achieved his 80% goal! Many thanks to you Colleen for being willing to coach Geoff at the ‘11th hour’. It was only two weeks before his exams, but the study techniques you taught him were very beneficial.

Since completing the first Brainwise course my university course results have increased by between 20 and 50%. I am actually quite astounded at my own ability to master new work. This is a new experience for me. The course has also helped me motivate myself. I am still motivated despite struggling with UNISA. I was so excited when I finally received my study information. That's a first for me!

Just wanted to say a very big thank you to you. Kajal thoroughly enjoyed the course and i don’t think i have ever seen her enthusiastic about studying!

Your positive motivation was also most helpful! I just thought I should thank you for the work that you have done on Sibu through the Brainwaves course she attended in January. Her marks have short up. I am specifically pleased with her Maths 89% because I was about to take her for extra lessons and she said no. She is much more confident now and I have never asked her to study since this year started because she has become self motivated. This is a dream come true for me because I was worried that she is going to high school next year and I was not sure how she is going to cope.

Jayden was understandably reluctant to give up his Friday afternoons and Saturdays to do something he felt he already had done at school, but he had no choice but to attend. After the first Saturday he declared Brainwise to be far better. He said that he understood things clearer, that he understood “what needed to go into the mind map” and where the key words came from.

I found the Brainwise course to be of far greater value than any school programme.
Stephen B

What I loved most about this course is a humorous and intelligent teacher, who made me know that I’m also intelligent.

I learned to achieve my goals; to make studying fun and easy; how to use my brain for memory. I loved meeting people and sharing views, learning how your weaknesses can become strengths Colleen accommodated all of us by personally helping us all in different areas; she boosted my confidence about so many areas in my life –
Khanya N 

I want to acknowledge Colleen for: Being so positive and motivating – for walking the walk; for being so genuine and always being positive; for showing me how to live the BEST life!

Without a doubt you have had an enormous impact on my growth and development. You are an inspiration and your guidance has been amazing – I can’t thank you enough

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