With vast experience in the world of Neuroscience and the psychology of human behaviour, Colleen is a sought-after global speaker. She has engaging and passionate style with a great expanse of knowledge. She is becoming known as the Brain Guru. Colleen has spoken at two TEDx events, receiving a standing ovation in Hyderabad in 2015. An experienced key-note speaker, Colleen has been acclaimed at a broad expanse of conferences and events.


It is Sunday 20 September 2015. My heart is racing as I look out into the dark auditorium, filled with over 500 people. The locale is the fragrant, sixteenth-century city of Hyderabad in India. I stand in the middle of a large red dot placed on the stage. For the first time, I will share my story with the world. Some of my closest family and friends have never heard my mini “Hero’s Journey” (Campbell, 1949), a recounting of the catalytic events that have led to this momentous occasion.

(The Big Red Dot – Ted talks are known for the large red dot on the stage, within which limits a speaker has to stay, for the duration of their presentation.)

Some examples of talks she has done include:

  • • Creating The Sacred Space
  • • The Science Of Mindfulness
  • • The Seductive Tyranny Of ‘Busy’
  • • Generational Theory And Neuroscience
  • • The Impact Of Technology On The Brain
  • • Lifetime Brain Health
  • • Brain-Based Study Skills
  • • The Tao Of Talent Management
  • • Forget About Forgetting
  • • The Art Of Temper-Control
  • • The Neuroscience Of Self-Discipline
  • • The Brain On The Bike
  • • The Brain – Fad Or Fabulous
  • • Goal Setting
  • • Spirituality In The Workplace
  • • Masterful Teams
  • • Facilitating Change
  • • Science Of Happiness
  • • The Adolescent Brain
  • • Ageing And The Brain
  • • Trauma /Grief And The Brain (Mindfully Navigating Through The Labyrinth Of Life And Loss)
  • • The Neuroscience Of Addiction
  • • Sport Performance
  • • Parenting From A Brainwise Perspective
  • • The Neuroscience Of Sleep
  • • The Neuroscience Of Female Leadership
  • • Effective Communication
  • • Social Brain (Collaboration)
  • • The Neuroscience Of Addiction
  • • Decision Making And Problem Solving
  • • The Brilliantly Malleable Mind
  • • Get Out Of The Feather Bed
  • • In The Zone – High Performance Mastery
  • • The Neuroscience Of Safety



It's been an absolute privilege and pleasure to learn from you.. your simplicity, humility and profundity are stunning and exemplary.
Thanks for being part of my learning journey

After a fantastic mind opening and fun day of learning about ourselves and Neuroscience, I went home and watch your Tedx talk. I was glad I watched it after meeting you in a way, as already I felt you were a fantastic and passionate teacher as well as coach, but after listening to your story, it really touched me, more than that is is mind blowing what you have achieved yourself and the life you have given to your children. Am very proud to share this link with friends and family and say, watch this... This is my teacher!! Thank you for sharing this publicly through the Tedx forum.

Thank you for your generosity of spirit and wisdom. All of us have been 'infected' in a BIG way. My endeavor will be to imbibe the character strengths and skills you modeled for us and make a difference to the lives of those I meet.

Colleen, it was your magical storytelling style that had everyone mesmerised yet reflective. The sessions were such a good blend of theory , storytelling / humour and experience. Thank you for your commitment .
Amit Singh

Crisp, clear, energising presence. You come across as powerful yet respectful of the participants and their thought process. You carry yourself so well. Your energy in front of the room is exceptional. you injected some energy in the group when needed.

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