I looked for a coach for some time, and when I came across you, I stopped looking. The space that we co-created exceeded any and all of my expectations.
Here. is my recommendation

Colleen was able to professionally and yet personably facilitate an extraordinarily powerful coaching process during our time together - certainly some of the most important work of my life. Using a remarkable approach clearly shaped by her nature, gifts, background, academic qualifications, passion, intuition and extensive experience, Colleen is a warrior, a powerhouse and a quintessential coach who helped me to explore, navigate and expand myself in a way I never have before. She met me exactly where I was at, which takes great courage and clarity of mind - I have not experienced that before or since. I am immeasurably grateful and beyond delighted at how the process unravelled and the level of awareness, empowerment and determination that developed for me along with the tools I have integrated into my daily life, stepping up as a proactive instigator of my own transformation. I wholeheartedly recommend Colleen for anyone ready to face and fascinate themselves, shift high impact mindsets, open up new spaces of possibility and to embrace the parts of themselves needed and get out of limiting beliefs to step into their potential in all spheres of life.

If you have a word count limit for your recommendations, I will augment/synthesis/distill further - don't hesitate to let me know and I will get into it. Feel free of course to use whichever sections of it in whichever format you need.

Thank you once again.

I look forward to meeting you soon I hope! Will send one brief email a month over the next 3 months with updates, as promised.


I can't thank you enough for all the learning I have had! You are a amazing human being and making such a massive difference to the human kind by the deeds you are doing.

As I sit down to write to you my eyes are moist from the insights you gave me.
Colleen - Hats off to you as truly I have not come across anyone with as much subject knowledge and passion as you have. You bring so much energy into the room and so smoothly engage everyone which I have never seen before. The diversity of exposure and knowledge you brought to all of us were completely out of the world.

Viiveck Verma

I hope this note finds you well.  I heard from Cynthia Way that you were fabulous and just “blew the room away” at BBCS in New York. 


Hi, Colleen. You miss NYC and NYC misses you! I want to share an observation with you. I think you do an amazing job of sharing your expertise without taking refuge in the guise of the expert. You don't use your knowledge and status to protect yourself, which is to say that you remain present and vulnerable and even fragile, along with powerful and brilliant. I learned a lot,  but your example came across most powerfully.

May 2016

It's been an absolute privilege and pleasure to learn from you.. your simplicity, humility and profundity are stunning and exemplary.
Thanks for being part of my learning journey

Best Regards

Coleen, it was your magical storytelling style that had everyone mesmerised yet reflective. The sessions were such a good blend of theory , storytelling / humour and experience. Thank you for your commitment .

Amit Singh

My sincere thanks to you for a wonderful and rich experience you shared. Coaching and the brain, certainly are two extremely dear subjects to me. But you helped us establish the deep connections and the understand the science behind it.


Thank you for your generosity of spirit and wisdom. All of us have been 'infected' in a BIG way.
My endeavor will be to imbibe the character strengths and skills you modeled for us and make a difference to the lives of those I meet.

Divya Singh

I wanted to personally thank you for helping me when I needed it...
There is not such a word in French, as someone who inspires you, as much as the meaning is in english.
So, this word is for you. Your attitude inspires me as well as what I could see of you in Singapore.
So keep going ! The world needs you !!

A wonderful session; You prepared professional, inspirational and energised; Your spark turned a slow start into an enthusiastic of advanced facilitation competence!

Michael Pryke

Display of in depth content knowledge and facilitation skills both EXCELLENT, One of the best I have seen in my 40 years of corporate and consulting experience. Exceptional skills in succinct communication maintaining clarity, connection, sensitivity and high impact. Highly intelligent, sincere, genuine, and yet very humble! I consider myself lucky to have come across such a talented professional and a wonderful person!


I have learned and am still learning because of your masterful ways in teaching, caring, nurturing and stewarding me and the rest of my colleagues. I have always been awestruck at the way you demonstrate and impart your total and comprehensive grasp of The Knowledge of Neuroscience and its implications. The energy you bring is infectious-to say the least

Ramon Taples – Phillipines

I think you're brilliant in so many ways that i want to be. You're crystal clear and sharp and yet so smart and human with it.  What i especially love about your style is your honesty and intuitive kindness. I love that balance between the superb structures that you've designed just to hit the right spot  and also the creativity which goes with that - i value creativity above almost everything else actually.   I love how you stretch people and get the best from them.  You're an A+ coach and leader in my book.

Best Anita Cabell

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