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Abigail is a 3rd year Bsc Human Physiology, Genetics and Psychology  student at the University of Pretoria. Abigail walks the walk of the Brainwise Learning philosophies. She uses and demonstrates the techniques and brain-based lifestyle in her studies and her personal life. Abigail is an enthusiastic trainer with a unique skill. She is able to teach her students not only the subject content, but also the techniques for memorising, recall and understanding. As a trainer, Abigail is enthusiastic and experienced in putting across the study skills and brain knowledge.

Abigail has a wide variety of interests which include playing the Saxophone and the Piano, Traveling, Hiking and Gym. She has led a fascinating life – travelling extensively through her youth and being involved in many social spheres and communities. She spent a gap year travelling to Singapore, Nepal, India and Cambodia; spending 4 months in a convent in Kathmandu teaching English and single-handedly building a library for a school for orphans. She climbed Base Camp Everest and has competed in the 94.7. She was an integral member of the Blue Tie Music Ensemble for four years and continues to pursue her many interests while successfully completing her degree.



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